Attention Course Creators

Do you judge the success of your email marketing campaigns on many metrics(CTR, OR, CTOR), or do you judge it by the ONE that truly matters -  Sales?

Finally Revealed: How To Use Simple Emails to Double your CLV, re-engage and get sales from Your “Dead” Email List Subscribers and turn Your Information Marketing Business Into A Cash Making Monster:

Using this “FODS” Framework is guaranteed to bring YOU a couple of thousand dollars MORE in Sales Every Time You Send an Email.

No Risk - I Only Get Paid When You Do

If you are getting less than 84% of your sales from your email marketing campaign as a course creator, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Ask any business owner what statistics they use to judge their email marketing campaign and about 80% would tell you about Click Through Rates, Open Rates, and click-to-open rates…

While they are all of importance, the only metric that should be of concern to you is the one that puts money in your bank account - Sales. 

This is what I want to help you with 

If I took your whole email marketing campaign through my “FODS” framework, I can GUARANTEE you will see a significant boost in SALES in the next 35 days even if you’ve been making sales before

If not,I would continue to work on your business at no extra cost to you until you’ve reached new money making milestones

That is, You won’t spend a penny more until we’ve achieved your goal.

But First, What’s The “FORDS” Framework… And More Importantly,

How Can It Help You Make More Money With Your Email Marketing Campaigns…

Your Email Marketing campaigns might not give you the Money results you want because it falls short in any one of these areas

1. Poor Copy On Your Opt-in FORMS: Here’s something most copywriters won’t tell you - Your email marketing successes or failures are hinged on the quality of customers that get’s into your marketing funnel.

The first words new customers joining your email list should see should be emotionally compelling and talking about the solution to a problem that’s  topmost on their mind. 

This is more important than your lead magnet because if this fails, Your lead magnet would not deliver on it’s promise

Also, If the message on your form is not congruent with the transformation you promise in your first emails, You’d have a lot of confused people on your list. 

Your lead magnet can be powerful and transformative, but if your opt-in form does not comunicate this properly, You’d lose out of the right customers

2. Increased Open Rate: Just like your forms, if people do not open your emails, they will not know what you are saying no matter how valuable it is.

I would help you work on the Subject-lines of your emails and craft a wicked welcome email that burns you into your customers subconcious and leave your customers salivating to always hear from you.

3. Dopamine Inducing Copywriting: This section is responsible for 80% of the results you will get with every email you send. Every word your customer reads has to hit them where it hurts without losing your voice, tone and compassion.

I would be using my years of experience writing emotionally copelling emails that would keep your subscribers glued to your message and make them want to keep buying from you. 

4. Sales: This is why you are in business, isn’t it? 

Not just to help people solve their problems but to make sales while at it. 

I will help you focus on this crucial part of your business and get you results while you focus on creating transformative programs in your niche and spending you free time doing the things you love because your marketing is in great hands

I would make sure every CTA in your emails are straight to the point and help increase your CTOR (Click to Open Rate) above the industry average of 4.4% in the information marketing industry.

Now you can see How the “FORDS” Framework Can Take Your Gross Revenue To New Heights.

No Risk - I Only Get Paid When You Do

CAVEAT: While I am good at what I do, I’m no magician and can only get you DESIRED results if:

  • You have an email list of at least 2000 engaged subscribers

  • You are currently making at least $5000 and above in sales monthly

  • You have raving reviews from past students 

  • Your product delivers on all its promise(of transformation if your students do as they’ve been told)

  • You’re open to trying new things and growing 

If you meet these criteria then we can hop on a call to see if I can help you.

You’re not just getting everything in the FORDS framework, but as a Bonus, I would also be looking at other aspects on your email marketing campaign to see what else I can optimize to help you smash your money goals

As a qualified IT expert, I would also be looking at your email marketing campaign to troubleshoot on

  • Deliverability (Are your messages being delivered)

  • Automation (How good is your automation - do you need more?)

  • Segmentation (Sending emails to your entire list is doing more harm than good to your bottom line

  • Different marketing Funnels for each section of your list

  • Welcome Emails (Does your current welcome sequence do the job?)

  • Nurture Sequence (How good are your nurture emails before you ask for a sale?)

  • Value Ladder ( Do you have a good value ladder set up for Upsells and Cross-sells?)

If these are services you want to be DONE RIGHT then

No Risk - I Only Get Paid When You Do


What Happens If I  decide to Work With You?

Discover Call: This is where we hop on a call to have a chat and see if our values are aligned and if we’re a great fit for each other.

This would mostly be us going over your current email marketing campaigns to see where you might be losing money and fix that ASAP.

By the end of this call, you’ll have a clear blueprint of how we can substantially increase how much money you’re making from your emails.

Once that’s sorted, we’ll move to the next phase

Planning: This will be a brief follow-up call to obtain all assets and set achievable expectations and timelines that would guide us throughout the duration of the project.

Implementation: This is where the work would commence in full.

I’ll work intensely to increase your Customer Lifetime Value(CLV), re-engage your dead customers, increase the frequency of purchases, and overall increase your sales.

I’ll handle every single thing so all you have to do is relax and focus on the part of your business you enjoy - creating valuable information products while you watch the results and sales pouring in.

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